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Behind the New Logo: VisionLink is on the Move

March 07, 2024 • By Ken Gibson

You may have noticed that VisionLink looks a bit different these days. New logo. New brand identity. Expanded message.

So…yes…clearly we have been up to some rebranding. But the changes we’ve made are more than cosmetic. Our refreshed identity is making a statement that VisionLink is on the move. It’s a signal that we’ve enhanced our ability to empower business leaders to achieve their growth ambitions–and will continue to do so.

What the Changes Mean

VisionLink exists to help companies develop pay offerings that drive higher performance and accelerate their growth. Over the past two-plus decades, we have continually developed tools and resources that empower organizations to create a more unified financial vision for growing their businesses through the development of strategic compensation offerings. Like proud parents, we’ve watched our client companies tap into our capabilities to transform their employee value offers and achieve new performance levels. 

But what we did yesterday can’t guarantee we will be able to meet the needs of our clients in the future. In today’s dynamic environment, sustained improvement requires adaptation. And that’s why we’re introducing a new VisionLink. We’ve evolved to help business leaders succeed in the new economy and tomorrow's markets.


The first element of our identity evolution you’ve likely noticed is a new logo. However, even before this recent change, you may have wondered about the origin of our company name, VisionLink. What does it mean and what does it have to do with compensation design?

Our name is significant and we designed our new logo and company symbol to reinforce the message we want our name to communicate. 

visionlinkOur goal and focus is to link owners and employees in a shared vision for enterprise growth. When employees buy into a clear and consistently reinforced vision, their contributions change from a collection of individual performances to harmonized teamwork. So, we call ourselves VisionLink because of our commitment to unifying shareholder and employee visions through the organization’s compensation offering. The outcome we seek is to create a pay strategy that results in a more unified financial vision for growing your company.

Our new logo and icon symbolize the harmonious, interconnected relationship we help companies develop between employers and employees. The dot in the middle of the oval icon represents an organizational focus on a single, unified vision. The curved graphics surrounding the dot represent employer and employee visions being connected to achieve that outcome. This combination of elements is intended to communicate VisionLink’s commitment to helping companies create the unified performance they need to succeed. 


As part of our rebrand, we refreshed our website to make it a more useful and intuitive tool for clients and other visitors. We wanted to use this identity update as an opportunity to make our site resources more accessible–and to introduce additional content.

VisionLink has been serving the business community since 1996. Consequently, for over two decades, we have observed first-hand the range of issues company leaders face as they try to navigate their growth plans at various stages of their development and in various economic conditions. In response, we have developed a deep range of learning resources to address those issues and offer solutions. On our new site, you will find blogs, guides, events, and tools with which you’ve been familiar previously. But you’ll also discover new resources to help you overcome obstacles to success.

As you look through our new website, among other things, you will find solutions to your talent recruitment woes, instruction on developing a more complete and compelling pay offering, and several guides and articles that will help you envision and cultivate a high-performance culture. These solutions are available in a variety of formats:

We know some in our audience are seasoned chief executives while others are just getting their businesses off the ground. Our new website’s content addresses both these circumstances and includes tools to meet the needs of all company leaders.

Check out our new site at visionlink.co.

New Software

One of the most exciting parts of the VisionLink rebrand is the introduction of a new online offering, VisionLink Direct. This self-serve software empowers you to envision, create, and operate your incentive plans completely on your own, without the help of advisors or consultants. 

A few years ago, we surveyed the business marketplace and recognized that no one was addressing a fundamental issue: many small company leaders need a tool to create effective incentive compensation plans on their own. When organizations are in growth mode, their leaders want to be able to build value-sharing plans for their employees on a simple, low-cost basis. While they appreciate the value consultants and advisors can bring, they prefer a solution that allows them to build plans on their own with a tool that provides that capability at an affordable price.

Our observations led us to invent VisionLink Direct. This do-it-yourself software platform provides business leaders the tools necessary to develop and manage sophisticated incentive plans without outside help. VisionLink Direct provides users an online resource typically only available to companies working with a compensation consultant. And with VisionLink Direct, you can get this resource at an affordable subscription. 

The highlight of this software is that it lets users take control of their rewards offering. VisionLink Direct puts you in the driver’s seat, but with help if needed. You won’t have to depend on someone else to build the incentive compensation plans you envision to align your people with your growth goals. For many business leaders, this is a solution they’ve needed for years. 

VisionLink client, Mike Ferletic, CEO of Enterey Life Sciences, put it this way: “Implementing VisionLink’s software has allowed me to build a variable compensation plan that I can trust.” 

We also have good news for our clients who have used ViisionLink’s all-inclusive advisory services in the past. The solutions we have been providing are still available–and new ones have been added. As part of our brand refresh, we have upgraded our legacy software, VisionLink PRO (previously known as BonusRight), which has supported our advisory clients for years. VisionLink PRO is now the market's most sophisticated end-to-end incentive compensation software. It gives our clients 24/7 access to their plan designs as they are being developed and provides a resource to operate and communicate their plans once they’re ready for implementation. 

The creation of VisionLink Direct and the enhancement of VisionLink PRO help business leaders of every company size develop compensation plans that work today and will continue to work as the business grows.

VisionLink's Future: What to Expect

As we have grown and expanded, VisionLink has continued to add new talent to its core team of experienced strategists. We are committed to keeping pace with the ambitions and needs of business leaders who require pay strategies that will transform their employees into growth partners. We may look slightly different as a result of our identity refresh, but VisionLink is still VisionLink. We remain focused on serving the needs of growth-oriented business leaders determined to carve out a successful future for their companies.

We invite you to join us in this journey. If you’ve been working with VisionLink for years, check out the new things we have to offer. If you don’t know much about our company, now is the perfect time to get acquainted. If we work together, your ambitions for business growth could be unstoppable. 

Visit visionlink.co today to learn how we can help and  the resources that are available. 

Ready to Get Started?

When it comes to building a compensation strategy, you can trust that VisionLink knows what works and what doesn’t. We are ready to share that knowledge with you.

Ken Gibson

Ken is Senior Vice-President of The VisionLink Advisory Group. He is a frequent speaker and author on rewards strategies and has advised companies for over 30 years regarding executive compensation and benefit issues.