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Who We Are

An effectively designed compensation strategy can accelerate business growth. Here’s why.


Through our decades of work with company leaders, one thing has become clear: businesses struggle to determine what they get in return for the enormous investment they make in compensation. However, when designed effectively, organizations can offer compensation packages that are compelling to employees and accelerate a real return for shareholders.

The Problem

Too many companies are satisfied with the compensation status quo. They base their compensation systems on untested assumptions, oversimplified compensation benchmarking, anecdotal information, and incorrect premises. Without awareness of what works and why, their compensation strategies end up being average at best. Some even do damage.

In an effort to offset these issues, many companies simply pour money into increased salaries or additional employee benefits, which are already expensive. Not only does this approach provoke an unwinnable “race to the top,” it fails to account for each company’s unique business model and strategy. 

The ramifications of these missteps are serious: 

  • Recruitment challenges 
  • Unmotivated employees 
  • Talent attrition 
  • Misaligned goals and objectives 
  • Lackluster shareholder returns

The Answer

A complete and compelling total rewards program that doesn’t just incentivize employees, it galvanizes them—and turns compensation into a growth driver. VisionLink is the compensation strategy company that makes that possible.

VisionLink’s Compensation Consultants

Meet Our Leadership Team


Tom Miller



Ken Gibson

Marketing and Strategy


Robert Rainey

Long-Term Rewards


Craig Rutledge

Long-Term Rewards


Joe Miller

Software Development


Rebecca Napier

Rewards Management


Sheila Williams

Compensation Strategy and Short-Term Rewards


David Buschmann

Compensation Strategy and Short-Term Rewards


Linda Dixon

Client Account Management


Why We Do What We Do

Purpose Beyond Pay

Our mission is to empower businesses to transform their employees into growth partners, so they can fulfill their financial vision.

By helping businesses accelerate company growth to the benefit of their shareholders, employees, and customers, we can have a far-reaching impact. 

That’s because successful businesses are essential to the economic health of individuals, families, and communities, and successful businesses offer employees the opportunity to make meaningful professional contributions that improve their quality of life. 

In short, we all benefit when businesses thrive. Join us in advancing the growth partner movement, and let’s make a difference together.

How We Operate

VisionLink’s Commitment to Value Creation

Over the years, we have helped more than a thousand businesses create high-impact compensation strategies. These are the standards that guide our client interactions:

The VisionLink Philosophy

We believe exponential business growth is the byproduct of building a high-performance culture. And we believe high-performance cultures only exist where employers have a true growth partner relationship with their employees.

In support of this philosophy, VisionLink employees embrace a growth mindset.


The VisionLink Commitment

Help private businesses achieve their growth ambitions by providing knowledge, tools, resources, and services that empower company owners and leaders to form growth partnerships with their employees. 

To fulfill this commitment, VisionLink employees are continually learning.  


The VisionLink Way

Demonstrate empathy and respect for both business leader and employee growth ambitions by providing unique utility through our offerings, including pricing options, engagement and service alternatives, learning opportunities, and community.

To ensure this outcome, VisionLink employees are constantly innovating. 


The VisionLink Standard

VisionLink fulfills its commitments to clients and employees and seeks to help both achieve their growth ambitions.

To meet this standard, VisionLink strives to earn trust and inspire confidence in all its interactions. 

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What people are saying

“VisionLink helped us successfully navigate a number of complex obstacles with our rewards programs. They brought a high degree of competence, integrity, and straight-forward advice to all facets of these varied issues. VisionLink's experienced team consistently delivers first-class results in a timely manner. They are a valued partner.”

Thomas K. Grzywacz
CEO of Storm Industries, Inc.