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VisionLink Direct

Software for Building Incentive Plans That Deliver

VisionLink Direct takes the frustration and complication out of incentive plan design and management by offering a powerful do-it-yourself software platform that provides all the tools that are typically only available to companies working with a compensation consultant—at a significantly lower cost.


We Put You in the Driver’s Seat

VisionLink Direct is like putting the power of 100 spreadsheets in the palm of your hand. It digitizes a proven incentive plan process to save your team precious time that could be better spent on other high-value projects.

Take control of your rewards offering and make it work for you with our first-of-its-kind software.


Sophisticated, Seamless & Totally Self-Serve

VisionLink Direct offers self-serve solutions for building:
  • Phantom stock plans
  • Annual incentive plans
  • Change-in-control reward plans

Don’t Just Incentivize, Galvanize

Let VisionLink Direct help you:
  • Design, communicate, and operate sophisticated incentive plans that power your growth ambitions
  • Establish a compelling pay strategy that always attracts and retains premier talent
  • Realize a significant and sustained increase in employee performance, engagement, and commitment
  • Completely operate your plans and effectively communicate their value to your employees
Featured Guide 3_ Employee Value Prop

Employee Value Proposition Guide

Define the Employee Experience and Attract Talent

An employee value proposition helps your business distinguish itself in a highly competitive talent market. In our free guide, we help you determine what should be included in your value proposition, so it is complete, compelling, and competitive.

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