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Full-Service Compensation Design to Grow Your Company

Businesses turn to VisionLink to envision, design, communicate, and operate compensation systems that create the high-performing culture they need to achieve their most ambitious growth goals.


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Create a High-Performance Culture

The Key to Meeting Your Growth Objectives?

Transform Your Employees into Growth Partners

For your business to achieve its financial vision, you need to attract and retain high-performing employees. You also need to inspire them to think like owners.

Fostering that mindset starts with empowering employees to participate in the short- and long-term financial results they generate. If you reward their exceptional accomplishments, your company will realize exceptional gains.

That’s where VisionLink comes in. 

We help you transform the way you share value with your employees, so they become the true growth partners your business needs to thrive.

Our Solutions

We offer compensation planning and design services for every preference and budget in these areas:



Incentive Plans


Incentive Plans


Total Rewards
Operating System


Market Pay Analysis
and Compensation Benchmarking


Pay Grade


Compensation Strategy




From full-service compensation consulting solutions to seamless self-serve software, our  total rewards philosophy focuses on helping you transform the way you drive performance and share value with your employees.



A Unified Financial Vision to Help Drive Growth

Our incentive compensation plans blend experience, innovation, and utility to unite the ambitions of employees and shareholders and deliver a measurable return on your rewards investment.

25+ years in business

1000s of compensation strategies provided for companies across multiple industries

65% of our new clients come from referrals

Find a New Framework

Choose the VisionLink Solution That Works Best for You


Leverage the deep experience of our advisors to construct a compensation framework that drives results. First, we align your
pay strategy with your business strategy. Then, we help you create an incentive plan design that delivers both performance and growth.


VisionLink’s Benefits

What You Can Expect

When you work with VisionLink to design a compensation system, you get so much more than a simple compensation strategy. You also get: 

  • An employee value proposition that attracts and retains premier talent
  • A significant and sustained increase in employee performance, engagement, and commitment
  • A more strategic approach to compensation design
  • Improved results on your compensation investment
  • Confidence in the ability to meet your growth potential and targets
  • Alignment between shareholder and employee goals

What Business Leaders Are Saying

“We have been working with VisionLink for nearly 8 years, and we consider them part of our team. They helped us develop the compensation philosophy and strategy we needed for a period of rapid growth and structured a long-term incentive plan that works for both shareholders and executives.

The result has been nearly zero turnover. Our senior leadership team has been together for over 10 years now. I credit VisionLink with helping us create a loyal and aligned group of executives and founders who are united in working to achieve our growth goals.”

Ari Supran
CEO of Sonance

A Value-Sharing Strategy

Phantom Stock Plans: The Equity Alternative

At VisionLink, we are the phantom stock experts. 
Phantom stock is becoming an essential part of compensation packages for growth-oriented businesses. We develop phantom stock plans to reward employees—without diluting equity for shareholders.

VisionLink has designed and implemented hundreds of phantom stock and stock appreciation rights (SARs) plans for many of the country’s most successful businesses. We can help you determine whether your company is ready for phantom stock, or if another long-term incentive plan is a better choice for your team.