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What We Do

VisionLink has perfected the design of high-impact compensation strategy.

Let us help you envision, design, communicate, and operate pay systems that incentivize your employees to achieve your company’s most ambitious growth goals.

The Problem We Solve

Many companies share the same compensation challenge. They want to grow, but their compensation strategy is not aligned with their business model or performance goals. They treat it as an expense to be minimized instead of an investment in profits and growth.

As a result:

  • The compensation packages they offer employees aren’t compelling enough to attract and retain premier talent.
  • They don’t effectively measure the return on their compensation investment.
  • Employee performance isn’t strong enough to meet the company’s financial targets.

Most business leaders we work with feel like they have their foot on the accelerator of their company's growth engine, while those around them have theirs on the brake. Perhaps you feel the same.

VisionLink Helping Customer

Compensation Reimagined

To achieve your growth ambitions, you need to turn compensation into a true growth driver. That’s  what VisionLink does. We design compensation strategies and incentive plans that transform employees into growth partners.

Let us help you:

  • Envision a compensation strategy that aligns with your company’s business model and priorities
  • Create short- and long-term incentive plans that reward value creation, inspire performance, and ensure growth
  • Communicate total pay opportunities that define results expectations for your employees
  • Operate strategic, high-impact incentive plans based on performance-based goals

What Business Leaders Are Saying

"VisionLink assisted our company with the design and implementation of both a long-term incentive plan and a deferred compensation plan. Our goal was to recruit and retain top talent.

Since the plans’ rollout, our company’s top-line revenue has grown nearly 30%, and profitability has outpaced budget year-over-year. Retention among the company’s senior leadership is the highest among our industry peer group.

The team members at VisionLink are consummate professionals—thorough, caring, responsive, and creative. We consider VisionLink an extension of our company family."

John Bukowski
President of North Wind Group

Two Ways to Engage Our Services

We have developed two approaches to helping you address your compensation design needs, both with equally effective outcomes:


Our most comprehensive, white-glove offering transforms your compensation strategy into a growth engine. Through this engagement, an expert compensation consultant assesses your business goals and priorities, and helps you construct a total rewards program designed to meet the performance outcomes you seek.


This is a cutting-edge, do-it-yourself software solution that puts you in control of your incentive plan designs. Both efficient and cost-effective, it offers powerful tools and guidance that enable you to design, communicate, and operate sophisticated phantom stock and annual incentive plans, simply and effectively.

How We Do It (And Why We’re Different)

Our total rewards philosophy results in compensation plans that attract and retain premier talent, and unite employees and shareholders behind a unified financial vision for business growth.

The foundation of our success is simple:


We recognize, understand, and consciously address the needs and ambitions of both business leaders and their employees to ensure successful long-term outcomes.


We employ a proprietary methodology that produces superior performances by enabling employees to share in the value they create.


We leverage unique technology that makes incentive plan design simple, effective and affordable.


We offer engagement and pricing options that suit virtually every budget, giving our clients the freedom to implement compensation systems on their terms.


Our Team Will Help You

  • Identify gaps, inconsistencies, risks, and market pay discrepancies in your current compensation package
  • Define your total rewards philosophy and objectives
  • Identify and implement the reasons premier talent should want to come work for you
  • Choose the kind of incentive plan that is right for your company and customize it to your needs
  • Study the impact of any potential plan on your P&L, cash flow, taxes, and shareholder value
  • Create a schedule that ensures timely plan completion and implementation
  • Draft an effective communication and  promotional strategy that ensures clarity and generates enthusiasm on the part of current and future employees
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Learn about 9 different long-term incentive plans—including phantom stock—to understand which option is the best fit.

Ready to Get Started?

When it comes to building a compensation strategy, you can trust that VisionLink knows what works and what doesn’t. We are ready to share that knowledge with you.