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Pay Equity

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Rules for Creating an Equitable & Transparent Pay Offering

Building Organic Compensation Fairness

Pay equity is a red-hot topic, but it doesn’t need to be.

You can adopt an approach to compensation that creates high (even unlimited) earnings potential for your people, treats all your employees like growth partners, protects shareholders’ interests, fuels enterprise growth, and meets statutory requirements—all at the same time.

In this webcast, we will show you how it’s done and why it’s easier than you think.

In this broadcast, you will learn:

  • What pay equity means and what it doesn’t mean—both legally and philosophically.
  • The statutory requirements business must meet to be compliant with pay equity guidelines.
  • How employees define equal pay and how it may differ from legal standards.
  • How to develop a compensation philosophy that effectively guides the development of your pay strategy and offering.
  • How a rewards approach rooted in value creation solves most pay equity issues.
  • The difference between incentive compensation and value sharing—and why the distinction matters.
  • How to communicate your pay offering in a way that assures employees of fairness in your compensation plan.

VisionLink has been helping organizations design pay strategies for over 25 years. We have helped hundreds of business leaders implement compensation plans that both employees and employers deem fair and equitable. In this broadcast, we will share what we’ve learned with you.

Featured Presenters:

Ken Gibson

Ken is Senior Vice-President and a principal of The VisionLink Advisory Group. He is a frequent speaker and author on rewards strategies and has advised companies for over 30 years regarding executive compensation and benefit issues.

Sheila Williams

Sheila leads the HR Support Service Department and serves as a compensation consultant on many of VisionLink’s projects. Prior to joining VisionLink, she held various roles within HR for 28+ years. Her successful career spans all facets of HR to include: HR Strategy, Compensation and Benefit Design & Administration, Human Capital Management & Software Implementation, Leadership Development, and Performance Management. 

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