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Stop Paying Incentives…and What You Should Do Instead!

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Why are so many employers unhappy with their companies' incentive plans? Simple. Because they don’t work!

By “don’t work” we mean they are highly costly and are not driving the performance results they should be generating. In short, incentive plans have become ineffective, economically indefensible, and 
generally unappreciated.

There is a better way. It’s called value-sharing and it is the only way performance rewards should be constructed in the “new economy.” Watch this webinar recording to learn what value-sharing is and how it is revolutionizing the world of incentives.

This presentation will benefit anyone who leads a business or has responsibility for developing their company’s incentive plans.

In this 30-minute broadcast you will learn:

  • How value-sharing differs from paying incentives and why both employees and employers consider it a better approach.
  • Why variable pay should be self-financing and how to ensure it is.
  • The primary metric to which all value-sharing should be tied.
  • How to calculate your “productivity profit” and why it is key to ensuring a positive return on your compensation investment.
  • How to balance rewards for both short and long-term performance.
  • How to measure the success of your value-sharing plan.

VisionLink has been developing successful pay strategies for companies in a wide range of industries since 1996. We have advised hundreds of business leaders on rewards issues in both good and bad economies. We know what works. In this broadcast, share what we’ve learned with you.

Featured Presenter:

Tom Miller

Tom has led VisionLink's rise as the premier compensation design firm for private businesses. He has been helping companies build effective pay strategies for over 37 years.

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