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Accelerate 2024 PowerUp

A FREE Virtual Event

Winning in a Highly Competitive Talent Market

July 25 | 9-11 a.m. PDT

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Lessons in Finding Great People and Turning them Into Impact Players

Exponential business growth is the byproduct of building a high-performance culture. And high-performance cultures only exist when companies have great talent that behave and perform as true growth partners. 
So, how do you find and attract such people and build a culture that is a magnet for the kind of talent you need?
Join this PowerUp to obtain insights and tools for creating a culture that organically attracts great people and has a unified vision for growing the business. 
In this free online event, you will learn: 

🔹How to build a value proposition that empowers you to win today’s talent wars.
🔹How to choose the right assessments to screen your people and ensure you’re finding impact players.
🔹Why your employee experience matters and how to ensure it is a great one. 
🔹The four criteria top talent uses to examine its employment options.
🔹What premier talent expects in a pay offering and how to provide it while still protecting shareholders. 
Kari GillenwaterKari Gillenwater
Founder and CEO of Gillenwater Consulting Group, Inc.
"Building a World-Class Team Using Assessments"

Zach Smith circleZach Smith
Chief Activation Officer + Co-Founder of Activate 180
"The Key to Engagement in a Competitive Talent Landscape"
Ken Gibson circleKen Gibson
Sr Vice President at VisionLink
"The 5 Parts of an Effective Employee Value Proposition"

Accelerate Powerup (Transparent)

What are PowerUps?

PowerUps are FREE two-hour virtual events that will be held four times during the year. Each will feature experts in building high-performance cultures. 
Every PowerUp will have a specific theme in support of our commitment to helping you Boost Growth with Growth Partners
PowerUps will help you accelerate the achievement of the ambitions you have for your company’s growth. So, plan to attend them all. 
"I greatly appreciate VisionLink's PowerUp, Transforming the Employee Relationship. The speakers demonstrated real knowledge, and frankly, compassion for what it takes to strengthen employee connections. It was gratifying to hear their commitment to viewing employees as people, and how it is best to understand one's goals and needs before communicating expectations to teams. I will definitely make room on my calendar for more of these sessions, and if possible, attend the fall conference. What a wonderful asset!" 
- Carolyn S. Aguila, Manager of Relationships, 2nd Story 
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VisionLink’s theme for 2024 is Boost Growth with Growth Partners. Under that banner, over the next 12 months, we will be sponsoring events and providing learning tools to help you transform the commitment of your people to company growth. 
On September 26, we will be holding our second annual virtual conference. This event will feature a full day of learning from successful CEOs, authors, thought leaders and other experts sharing tools and ideas for transforming employees into growth partners. 
Visit the registration page for additional details about this event.

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