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5 Principles that Changed a Culture and Transformed a Business

If you want to experience breakthrough growth in your business, create a breakthrough transformation of your culture, harness the breakthrough power of a strategic pay plan and drive breakthrough employee performance, then you must read breakthrough.

Praise for breakthrough:

“In my 40 years of business experience, I haven’t met anyone who has created a better approach to compensation than Tom Miller. Now, with his new book Breakthrough, his integrated philosophy, process, and structure can be accessed by any business leader. His approach is the easiest and fastest ‘just right’ solution for every rapidly growing entrepreneurial company with a big future. I highly recommend you read this book.”
-Dan Sullivan, CEO, The Strategic Coach

“As a business owner, how do you navigate the complexities of rewards and incentive programs? You start by reading this book. Tom reveals why it is that most efforts satisfy neither shareholders nor employees. Breakthrough reveals how to satisfy both while getting world class results."
-Tom Grzywacz, CEO, Storm Industries

“Tom has a unique talent for engineering incentive plans that enable companies to reward and retain key employees while increasing shareholder value. In his new book, Breakthrough, Tom outlines the steps any business owner can follow to convert his compensation programs from an expense into a high-return investment.”
-Reggie Dupre, CEO, Dupre Logistics

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