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The Reinvention of Performance Management

Construct a Clear Performance Framework

In case you haven’t noticed, studies indicate that performance management is undergoing a revolution. Formal systems are on the decline and more fluid methods are on the rise.

This new trend is likely leaving you with plenty of questions about compensation.

  • How do I determine pay increases when there’s no systematic employee review or performance appraisal?”
  • “How do I structure rewards for an environment of constant change and innovation?”
  • “How do I align compensation with team performance but still reward key contributors?”
  • “How do I let go of employee evaluations but still tie pay to results?”

And the list goes on. Once you change your performance management methodology, your pay strategy is going to be affected. It’s inevitable. So what do you do?

You read VisionLink’s new report—The Reinvention of Performance Management—that’s what you do. We have studied the research, tracked the trends and assessed the new role pay will have in this changing environment. Now we want to grant you access to what we’ve learned. You can do so by simply filling out the form on this page.

Learn what the performance management revolution means to you.

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