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The Phantom Stock Workbook

See if You’re a Candidate for a Phantom Stock Plan

Is a phantom stock plan a good fit for your business?

This type of value-sharing is fast becoming a favorite of private company owners because it rewards long-term employee performance without diluting shareholder equity. But, it’s not a panacea and not every business should have a plan. So, how can you know if it’s suitable for your organization?

This workbook will help you answer that question. It offers insight into what makes a business a good candidate for phantom stock and when it should be avoided.

Download this report to learn:

  • How phantom stock works and why it appeals to so many private business owners.
  • The three types of phantom stock and when each is appropriate.
  • Why long-term value-sharing matters if you want to grow your business.
  • The business conditions that must exist for a phantom stock plan to succeed.
  • The steps for determining if your company is a candidate for Phantom Stock.

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