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The Impact of Pay on Employee Motivation

Business leaders everywhere are still trying to determine if employee pay is tied to employee motivation and performance. 

7 Keys to Ensuring Success

Is your compensation strategy having a positive or negative effect on the performance of your employees? That’s a difficult question for most business leaders to answer. And the research on the issue is both confusing and conflicting. So, what should you do?

This report answers that question. It will help you examine the impact your rewards strategy is having on the motivation of your employees. It introduces 7 keys for ensuring your pay approach produces the right outcomes for your company. It explains the role compensation should play in a growth-oriented business and resolves the “intrinsic versus extrinsic” motivation issue.

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In this report, you will discover:

  • Why the research on the impact of incentive plans misses the mark and is unhelpful.
  • What employees expect from compensation and how they evaluate the pay plan you offer them.
  • The difference between paying incentives and value-sharing—and why you want to do the latter.
  • Why it is critical to understand your employees’ contribution ambitions when evaluating your company’s rewards approach.
  • The 7 keys that should govern your pay strategy construction.

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