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How to Effectively Link Compensation to Results

Understanding Pay-for-Performance

Most businesses instinctively know there should be a relationship between what they pay employees and how they perform. Especially key producers. The issue for them is how to do it. How do they construct incentives and other compensation plans in a way that improves execution, enhances shareholder value and creates the right sense of partnership with employees? What kind of metrics and measures should be considered and how are they balanced between company, department and individual employee performance results? If these are issues your company deals with, you will want to download this report.

In this report, you will learn about:

  • Why and how properly designed incentives should increase the value of your business
  • How you can deal with different levels or tiers of employees when creating pay for performance strategies
  • How to determine if your compensation strategy is driving or hindering company growth
  • How companies create the right balance between short versus long-term as well as guaranteed versus variable rewards
  • What performance metrics should drive incentives in a pay for performance environment

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