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How to Create an Incentive Plan that Pays for Itself

The Productivity Profit Workbook

Is it really possible to offer an incentive plan that doesn’t cost your company anything?

It is. Companies that only share value once sufficient value has been created are essentially “self-financing” their incentive plans. We call that threshold “productivity profit” and we want you to learn how to measure it for your organization.

This workbook offers a step by step process for calculating the productivity profit of your business and gives you a better understanding of this critical value creation measure.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why some business leaders track productivity profit more than any other business metric.
  • How productivity profit can help you determine the return you are getting on your investment in compensation.
  • Why productivity profit allows you to offer your people an unlimited earnings opportunity.
  • How productivity profit helps you build an incentive plan that literally pays for itself.
  • How to calculate the productivity profit of your company.

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