Lessons in Building Growth Partners

September 27
7:30 am-4:00 pm PDT
This is a Virtual Conference

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7:30am-8am PDT | Welcome

  • Welcome - Tom Miller NEW

    Welcome message from Tom Miller, President at VisionLink

8am-8:55am PDT | Keynote

  • Keynote - Liz Wisman NEW

    Session Overview

    In this session, Liz will share what differentiates impact players from ordinary contributors. She'll then explore how to find and hire this kind of talent, then replicate it across an entire team.

9am-9:55am PDT | Breakouts

Talent Track

Performance Track

Employee Experience Track

Networking Sessions

  • Speaker Card - Jason Pinegaralves NEW

    Session Overview

    Attracting, securing, and retaining effective leadership is critical to driving organizational success. Companies with great leadership see higher profitability and productivity. Together, we’ll explore tried and true approaches and creative resources you can add to your toolkit that will accelerate impactful change in your business.

  • Speaker Card - Teresa Easler

    Session Overview

    Join Teresa Easler as she guides you through a unique tool that is the answer to all your communication “stucks.” This session will bring clarity and focus while deepening your ability to set the intention and context of any communication situation. The questions asked in this tool allow the user to create a solid strategy to persuade and influence others to get them to do what you want them to do, in non-manipulative ways.

  • Speaker Card - Zach Smith

    Session Overview

    Zach will share the tools needed to foster an organizational culture built around trust. You will also see how building trust translates into tangible results like increased engagement, elevated productivity as well as reduced stress and burnout amongst the team. Attendees will walk away understanding the fundamental principles and have practical strategies for building this critical and foundational element of the highest-performing teams.

  • Networking CEO

    Networking Session


9am-9:25am PDT | Breakouts

  • Speaker Card -  Tom Miller

    Session Overview

    In this session, you will learn how to tie incentives to value creation & determine the right balance between rewards for driving short versus long-term results. This balance is key to a pay offering that works for both shareholders & employees.


  • Speaker Card - Rob Rainey

    Session Overview

    In this session, you will learn how private business leaders can create an opportunity for key people to participate in contributions to company growth without diluting current shareholder value.

  • Speaker Card - Jim Ferrell

    Session Overview

    “In this session, you will learn how to knit together the relational fabric of your organization so the “Many” begin operating as “One.” Jim will teach you how to break down silos, overcome conflicts, and eliminate internal division.”

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10am-10:55am PDT | Breakouts

  • Speaker Card - Christine Wzorek NEW

    Session Overview

    As recruiting and retention issues for business leaders are top of mind in an ever-volatile economic climate, the impact and implication of incorporating human intelligence into the fabric and foundation of an organization, regardless of size, phase or stage, can no longer be neglected. Christine will educate and provide insights on how to build human intelligence into business strategy and operations. 

  • Speaker Board - David Bitter

    Session Overview

    David will share tools that will help to focus the organization toward key elements of strategic intent. This effort will also eliminate friction that arises from competitive activities.

  • Speaker Card - Lorrie Baldevia

    Session Overview

    Lorrie Baldevia will guide you through the essential elements that contribute to your success, focusing not just on hard work but also on the joy derived from what truly engages you. Lorrie will also discuss the transformative power of the relationships you cultivate, illustrating the importance of a nurturing and motivating social circle. 

  • Networking Owner
    Networking Session

10am-10:25am PDT | Breakouts

  • 35
  • Speaker Boards - Randy Dewey

    Session Overview

    Do you want to grow your business to nine figures and beyond or to a successful exit? A company’s potential is limited only by the CEOs vision for its success and the team assembled to realize that vision.  Deep dive into the 4 steps and real-world activities that led several organizations to more revenue, greater valuations, and dream exit scenarios and the steps you can take to achieve similar results

  • Speaker Card - Ken Gibson

    Session Overview

    In this breakout session, we'll debunk the myth of an "employer's market," explore the key components of an irresistible employee value proposition, and discuss strategies for engaging and retaining top talent.

  • Speaker Boards (3)

11am-11:55am PDT | Breakouts

  • Speaker Card - Cheryl Jekiel NEW

    Session Overview

    Business leaders don’t often consider their employees’ career trajectories a top priority. But tapping the gold mine that is in-company career paths may launch your business into the next stage of growth. Come learn how to connect your employees’ personal growth with the company’s growth, resulting in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  • Speaker Card - Nate Randle

    Session Overview

    I run a high-growth tech company that makes sage cell phones for kids and teens. In this presentation, I’ll share three metrics I use to ensure our people pay equal attention to both our company’s purpose and its profits. I strongly believe in our mission … and in driving revenue, profits, and growth. Contrary to popular belief, those two are not mutually exclusive but rather mutually dependent. I’ll explain why in this 55-minute session.

  • Speaker Card - Michael Maciekowich

    Session Overview

    In today’s world, one size does not fit all with rewards programs. Multiple generations in the workforce means that organizations need to be flexible in fine tuning their strategies. At every company I see it: employees from different generations want different things. In this session, I’ll share the what, why, and how of custom rewards strategies that lead to more trust and engagement among your employees.

  • Networking HR
    Networking Session

12pm-12:55pm PDT | Keynote

  • Keynote - Dan Sullivan NEW

    Session Overview

    In this session, Dan will discuss how striving for "impossible" goals is actually easier and more practical than going for incremental and linear goals.

1pm-1:55pm PDT | Breakouts

Talent Track

Performance Track

Employee Experience Track

Networking Sessions

  • Speaker Board - Jackie Kibler

    Session Overview

    As a business leader, you will walk away from this session with an understanding of the six keys to building a truly great organization. Attendees will learn how to attract the right people and then put them in the right position in order to maximize their talents.

  • Speaker Card - Hoby Darling

    Session Overview

    Uncover the secrets of high-performing teams as we unravel cutting-edge research and real-world practices from elite teams. Dive into the riveting narratives of success, drawing parallels ranging from high stakes, pressure teams such as special operations teams and operating room teams to business teams looking to revolutionize an industry. Join us for an exploration of teamwork's boundless potential to reimagine what is possible for your team.

  • Speaker Boards (7)

    Session Overview

    In this session, Chris will cover the 5 items that are going to be the most impactful to your benefit offerings through 2024. From onboarding that new employee, engaging all plan members, and navigating complex procedures that can cost millions, it “takes a village.” We will cover some practical considerations for your Medical offerings.

  • Networking Biz Leader
    Networking Session

1pm-1:25pm PDT | Breakouts

  • Speaker Boards - Sheila Williams

    Session Overview

    In this session, you will learn how to create a rewards offering that is complete and compelling as well as compatible with the financial objectives of both top leadership talent and your company's shareholders.

  • Speaker Boards - Joe Miller

    Session Overview

    In this session, you'll discover why traditional incentive plans often fall short and how value-sharing is revolutionizing performance rewards in the "new economy."

  • Speaker Card - Jim Ferrell

    Session Overview

    “In this session, you will learn how to knit together the relational fabric of your organization so the “Many” begin operating as “One.” Jim will teach you how to break down silos, overcome conflicts, and eliminate internal division.”

  • 10x 6

2pm-2:55pm PDT | Breakouts

  • Speaker Board - Shannon

    Session Overview

    Do you want to build a team that consistently delivers outstanding results? Join me to explore three practical strategies for attracting and keeping top-tier talent: defining your purpose, nurturing individual strengths, and cultivating a culture of innovation and risk-taking. Don't miss our session on Attracting and Retaining 10x Talent!

  • Speaker Card - Anita Grantham

    Session Overview

    One of the most understated truths in business is that the potential of our businesses corresponds directly and completely with the ability of our leaders. In this session you will learn practical ways to be more intentional about transforming today’s leaders into the leaders your business needs in the future.

  • Speaker Card - Mike Birch

    Session Overview

    At Action Target, we aim to be the employer of choice within our industry and the envy of every job seeker. Why? Because we know that people don’t create part of the company’s value; they create all of it. As CEO, I spend 50% or more of my time recruiting, developing, and retaining the best people I can find. And the returns on that investment are nothing short of spectacular. Let me teach you the Action Target way.

  • Speaker Boards (1)-1
    Networking Session

3pm-3:55pm PDT | Keynote

  • Keynote - Mark Moses NEW

    Session Overview

    Are your annual goals BIG enough? What if we told you there is a tool that will challenge the assumptions supporting your annual goals, get everyone in your organization thinking BIG, and help you hit more ambitious targets faster?


3:55pm-4pm PDT | Closing

Closing - Tom Miller NEW
What is an Effective Employee Value Proposition

What You Will Experience


3 High Impact Keynotes

At this conference, you will hear from three superstars on what it takes to build, manage and sustain a high-growth business:  Liz Wiseman, best-selling author of Multipliers, Rookie Smarts, and Impact Players | Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach and author of 10 X is Easier Than 2 X | Mark Moses, Founder of CEO Coaching International | Each speaker will present game-changing ideas about accelerating business growth and transforming your employees into growth partners. 


3 Breakout Tracks

Accelerate 2023 will offer learning opportunities that address three critical issues:

Talent: Lessons from Experts in Finding, Attracting, and Retaining Skilled, Educated, Experienced People

Performance: How Winning Companies Drive, Manage, & Sustain High-Performance Teams and Individuals 

Employee Experience: Learnings from Leaders About Delivering on a Value Proposition that Magnifies Your Employer Brand


Multiple Networking Choices

Throughout this event, you will have the opportunity to connect with your peers to make introductions, to drill down on subjects you heard during the conference, or to organize discussions and meetups on topics of your choice. 

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Price: $325



Conference Refund Policy: Cancellations prior to July 31 receive a full refund of fees paid. Between August 1 and August 31, cancellations will receive a 50% refund of the fees paid. After September 1, no refunds are available.

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